The Real Bearded Santas of Southern California Have Been Uniting

The Christmas Community For Nearly A QUARTER-CENTURY!

Santa & Rudolph in Cap

This site

(also called the "Santa SyberStore") 

began as little more than a

convenient place to register online for the Santa Reunion Weekend, 

hosted annually by the

Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas (FORBS).

But just as FORBS membership has grown--and just as our annual Luncheon has grown to fill an entire weekend-- so, too, has the Santa SyberStore grown! 


In 2012, we created the

"North Pole Honor Roll"

to thank our Sponsors

for supporting the Luncheon

through its nearly two decades!


In 2013, we added an area where

any merchant participating in our

annual "Vendor Faire" could post their

contact information year-round...  


In 2014, we evolved again-- to let Vendors & Sponsors offer their products & services DIRECTLY to our members & associates (as well as others in the Christmas Community) 



For more information, or to begin your registrations,

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